Cold Room for Flowers and Solutions for Horticulture

Features of our Horticulture Cold Storage Solutions

  • Modern horticulture cold storage solutions that keeps your crop away from parasitic invasion and keep them fresh for a long time. 
  • Losses are common in horticulture and flower cropping business. We solve the major problem of preserving through our cold storage solutions for horticulture. 
  • Understanding the market accurately, our cold room for flowers makes it easy for you to transport them from one point to consumers by keeping them fresh in the whole process.

Why Choose Himwanrefrigeration For Horticulture Cold Storage?

The cold storage solutions have become very advanced over the years. With a team of dedicated experts we leverage the benefits of the latest technologies to come up with the most comprehensive cooling for all your needs. Whether you’re looking to extend your commercial refrigeration or are considering branching out into the fruit and veg market, the horticulture cold storage solutions from Himwanrefrigeration will extend the life of your fruits and vegetables both in storage and in transit.