Modern And Efficient Mushroom Cold Storage Plant

We offer the best mushroom cooling equipment for your business. Each mushroom is unique. It has different types and it is not yet clear whether it is vegetable or meat. One thing that has been proven is that refrigeration services are essential to keep it intact and healthy for consumption. In the mushroom industry, you already know that it’s important to keep your mushrooms fresh for the best flavor and nutrition. Himwan Cold Storage offers a mushroom cold storage service that cools mushrooms well and preserves them in high quality for a long time.

We know that mushrooms need a lot of care after cultivation. Our mushroom refrigeration solutions ensure that mushrooms remain an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for a long time and ensure long-term and easy transportation of mushrooms for traders and stockists. Most types of mushrooms have a shelf life of 3-4 days. Himwan Refrigerated Mushroom Refrigeration Solution makes it easy to store and ship your mushrooms by extending the shelf life of the mushrooms for several days and ensuring that your customers get the best harvest every time. We believe that proper harvesting, refrigeration and shipping are essential for any mushroom keeping business, as we are innovative in meeting our customers’ refrigeration needs.

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Features of Our Modern Mushroom Cold Storage Plant

Our mushroom refrigeration solution ensures that your mushrooms are kept at the temperature that will give you the best results. We believe 32°F is best, as colder temperatures can cause chilling damage and higher temperatures can reduce decomposition.
Fungal preservation solutions reliably slow respiration through immediate cooling. And
Mushrooms have a very high water content because mushroom storage solutions in the refrigerator ensure high relative humidity to prevent moisture and weight loss.
In the best conditions, mushrooms last about 3-4 days. Therefore, it is very important that harvesting, cooling, transporting, selling and cooking are done efficiently. Our solution solves your cooling problem

Why Choose himwan refrigeration for Mushroom Cold Storage Solutions?

With a team of experts who have created the best cooling solutions, we offer advanced solutions that fit your needs. Himwan Cold Storage offers the most cost-effective solution in mushroom refrigeration services and allows consumers to experience fresh and natural flavors. Our strength is our ability to learn the needs of the market and provide detailed solutions without breaking the bank. We master advanced solutions such as cooling rack systems, electrical control panels with optimized backup compressors. An eco-friendly and cost-effective way to meet your fruit ripening needs. Whether you are looking to expand your commercial cold storage or expand into a mushroom cold storage facility, Hyvan’s refrigeration solutions will increase the shelf life of your mushrooms as well as their shelf life during shipping.