cold room for fruits and vegetables

Advanced Cold Room for Fruits and Vegetables Storage

With Himwanrefrigeration’s best fruit and vegetable cooling programs, you can strike a balance between the initial costs, operating costs, maintenance costs and low storage costs of fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable cooling solution is one of the most used and effective for long-term storage of various crops. Maintaining the right temperature is essential for the best results in the storage process and cold storage services for fruits and vegetables. Our experts understand that keeping it cold enough is important, but too cold can damage your fruits and vegetables.

The long-term storage of fruits and vegetables is very important for the economy.
Since they are natural elements, they are long-lasting. Using Uniref’s fruit and vegetable cold storage design services can reduce moisture and fading, among many other benefits. Our advanced solutions help you manage quality, post-harvest and other simple business processes so you can store fruit and vegetables easily and hassle-free. At Himwanrefrigeration, we ensure that all our cooling solutions are integrated with storage in an environment free of CO2, SO2, Nitrogen and some essential oils to keep vegetables and fruits dry

Features of Fruits and Vegetable Cooling Storage Solutions

  • Offer the best solutions at the most affordable prices, rplace your current air conditioner and use less chemicals
    • Our cold room for fruits and vegetables offers modern solutions like air-cooled and water cooled condensers for the comprehensive ripening working cycle
    • Our solution allows remote monitoring and has features like control of temperature, useful gases, and primarily humidity so your fruits and vegetables always stay fresh
    • Fully automated fruits and vegetable cooling storage solutions that comes with high-power ventilation and exhaust system that lets you control everything happening inside the cold room
    • Environmentally friendly cold room solution that offers effortless,advanced performance and keeps your fruits and vegetables safe

Top view vegetable composition with fruits on white desk

Why Choose Himwanrefrigeration For Fruits and Vegetable Cold Storage?

Cold storage solutions have become widespread over the years.With a team of professionals, we leverage the latest technology to provide the coolest solutions for all your needs. Whether you want to expand your refrigeration business or consider entering the fruit and vegetable market.Himwanrefrigeration solutions will extend the life of your fruit trees and vegetables during storage and transportation.

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